Shannon Elizabeth

April 11, 2011- She’s one of my best friends and this is Shannon Elizabeth‘s first time sitting down with me for an exclusive one on one! Be sure and listen in as we chat about her decision to become a vegetarian, navigating the manly world of poker and what we are doing to make the world a better place.

Shannon Elizabeth was born in Houston, Texas. Immediately after graduating high schoo, Shannon moved to New York to pursue an opportunity she was presented with to model. Although never having a desire to model, she decided to try it in hopes that it could lead her into the career of acting she had always dreamed about.

After years of modeling, Shannon eventually landed in Los Angeles to start her acting career. One of her first jobs was shooting an episode of Arli$$ on HBO alongside Robert Wuhl. It was a few years, and many projects, later though that Shannon landed the role of Nadia in American Pie, which garnered her a nomination for Breakthrough Female Performance at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards. Shannon subsequently starred in Scary Movie which broke many records at the box office & beyond…(at the time it was the biggest opening for an “R” rated comedy in history, the biggest opening for a non-sequel in comedy history, the highest grossing film directed by an African American in history, the biggest opening for Miramax in history and the highest grossing film in Miramax history!) Then, in 2001 Shannon won the Breakthrough Actress Award at the Hollywood Film Festival. She has since starred in over 25 films and TV shows and worked with many directors whom she greatly admires, including Kevin Smith, Richard Curtis, Penelope Spheeris and Wes Craven.  Shannon’s current dreams and ventures include her passion for directing and producing. She loves the creative process and finds few things more fulfilling than directing and editing her own projects-needless to say, Shannon greatly aspires to soon follow in Kathryn Bigelow’s footsteps!

In Shannon’s spare time she has also become a huge poker aficionado. She originally learned how to play just so she could raise money for her biggest passion in life, animal rescue. Seeing as acting can have lots of downtime, she has been known to call poker her second career.


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