Lance Bass

August 21, 2011- It is no secret that Lance Bass is a dear friend of mine and I am thrilled to be having him back on the show!

To change it up, I am asking for some input from you, his favorite fans and friends. Typically when artists are on a show, they are asked questions in an effort to get to know them better and plug their latest projects.

Since Lance has not only done thousands of interviews and shared all there is to share (he’s even already written a book about his life), he’s also currently hosting his own weekly radio show on SiriusXM called The Pop Ten (which on a side note, I will be co-hosting this week).

Since this show is all about gratitude, I thought it would be fun to turn the tides and have you guys write a short paragraph or two to me and let me know what Lance means and has meant to you over the years. I can’t promise to get to every single one, but I will definitely read as many to him on the air that I can. Those that I don’t get a chance to read, I will have printed out and hand to him after.

All you need to do is either leave your message in the comment section of THIS BLOG POST or you can email me directly at Then be sure and listen in live, this Sunday at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern at to see if yours gets read on the air.

And don’t worry, we’ll still be talking about his latest projects and of course his new show!


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