Sherry’s Show (Sh)Recap – 10/16/11

Miss the premiere episode? Yeah, I miss it too. (See what I did there?)

But if you didn’t get a chance to listen, here’s a little recap to tide you over until you open up iTunes and download the podcast.

Danny Jay and Eric "EJ" Johnson are Shytown

Cue the new theme song from Shytown! (If you don’t love them yet, check out their music here and you will)

Bob welcomed his new co-host Sherry Layne (hey, that’s me!) and let our first time listeners know what we are all about (gossip-free-pop-culture-positivity’n stuff). I revealed my love of costumes, fake student government campaigns, pumpkin pie, and the time I wandered around a farmers’ market dressed as a giant tomato. See for yourself:

Who was that on the phone? Singer / songwriter / hat enthusiast Gavin DeGraw! We talked about his new album SWEETER, “pinch me” moments, his ten year history with Bob, my mutual hat addiction, and the facts versus the media’s fiction regarding the shocking August attack. Our show wouldn’t be complete without the guest answering THE Baub Show question. So, just who from the living or spirit world would Gavin invite to his dinner party? Be sure and check out the podcast to find out. Boy, I hope I can crash that party!

After playing “Candy” off of Gavin’s new album, Bob and I discussed the 6 Fool Proof Ways to Make a Difference by Jennifer Louden. You should definitely check out her blog to get all the dets (that’s cool kid speak for “details”). And finally, our very, very, VERY generous friend Chris from the luxury, luxury, LUXURY bubbly company Angel Champagne “popped” by –literally– for a little champers (cool kid speak for “champagne”) education, and we were joined by a small group of our friends to toast the new show! So until next week, cheers and thanks for checking us out!


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