Big Brother’s Jeff & Jordan

November 20, 2011 – It’s our Thanksgiving episode and to thank so many of you for giving so generously to our show, we will be celebrating the holiday and the hour with show favorites Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd from CBS’s Big Brother. Click here for details on how you can support the show and win a private phone call from Jeff and Jordan. We will also be taking questions from you, so please leave your comments in the post for this blog and then tune in to the live broadcast this Sunday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST at to hear if yours gets answered.

UPDATE: Joining us in the studio as a guest co-host is Broadway and Soprano star, Jamie Lynn Sigler!

41 thoughts on “Big Brother’s Jeff & Jordan

  1. I was wondering how Jeff started calling Jordan love. I think it is very sweet and hope some days my girls meet a man who respect them the way Jeff does.

  2. 1. Would love to hear more about their upcoming trip to Cambodia and the “Build a City” project they will be involved with.

    2. Jeff and Jordan often speak about how many times they talk a day … I was wondering if they could talk a little about how hard it was on both of them when they were unable to communicate with each other after Jeff was evicted and why they were not allowed to be sequestered after the roundtable meeting.

  3. Did Jordan hear about the Beauty Pageant in Charlotte that wanted her to be a judge Dec 3.They tried contacting Jordan and Jeff both thru twitter.It is completely legit!! They thought Jeff might be able to get her the news in time since he’s more into twitter than she is.Hopefully Hopefully I think she’d be great at this,since she has such a great sense of character and peoples inner and outer beauty.

  4. Question to both Jeff and Jordan…What was both of your guys’s individual detailed strategic gameplans if you didnt get voted out?!?!?!

  5. Hey Bob – Could you guys talk about the fishing trip and hanging out that night. Any cute stories Jeff and Jordan can tell about that day. Jordan mentioned she got sick on the boat and started to tell a story on SuperPass but got cut off. Thanks

  6. 1. To both were you surprised that people thought you two wasn’t a real couple? 2. Jordan why did you always feel the need to ask Jeff permission for a hug or to sit beside him? 3. Jeff how hard was it to be in the house with your SO? 4. Jeff are you aware that every female in the house who you were seen talking with in the BB house it was said that you were in to that female and not Jordan? 5. How hard is it to maintain a relationship after 2 years?

    • Jeff already answered that 1st question with a yes, he was surprised of course, so please save us the time Bob & don’t bother asking it. Also I’m feeling like Janice’s questions are nothing more than stirring the pot :/ Please keep the chat positive Bob which I am positive you will 😀 Personally, I would rather they not answer any more BB game questions, it’s over and there’s not much more to say that hasn’t been said. I want to hear about them & their future endeavors. Thank you

      • Please do not try to dictate which questions are asked or question the motives of those asking, Bob knows how to run his show and does not need ‘fans’ telling him how to do his job. If you don’t like what is being asked, kindly scroll on by and trust that any thing Bob does not want to ask, he will not ask. Thank you..

  7. This question is for both jeff and jordan to answer about the other person

    During your 2 year relationship what would each of you say is the most important thing you have learned from each other? if you could use only one word to describe the other person what would that word be?

  8. has someone done something crazy, when they’ve seen u like in a bar, restaurant ??
    mayb they went up to u and hugged u, kissed u, or screamed out ur name and u werent expecting it.

  9. I would like to ask them if they believe that they have a greater opportunity at TV success as a couple than individually. Many people feel like that, including me. Individually they are very good – together they are really great.

  10. -First place yall went after being out of the BB house? (the bb wrap party doesn’t count)
    -Did yall dress up 4 halloween?
    -Is it miss-chee-vee-ous or mischievous, who was right Jeff or Jordan? ;D

  11. Bob Can you Please ask them if it would be ok for them to share with us Where they are moving? It would totally be the only new nugget we dont know about,Please and THANK YOU.Love you!!

  12. Are there any projects coming up or desires that we…as Jeff and Jordan “appreciaters” can help make happen or help give our support? We know the Cambodia PCL Build a City project is one we can help with…any others? We’re eager to help…you’ve given so much to us…we want to give back.

  13. 1.How do you guys keep the passion in your relationship?
    2.Are the two of you planning a getaway soon?
    3.Jordan when you go to Chicago after Thanksgiving how long will gou be there?
    4.Will the two of you actually be building homes on you trip with PCL?
    5.Will you guys go back to Italy to see Jeff’s family in the near future?
    6.Jeff will Jordan finally get a chance to meet Eric and Mookie?

  14. 1. Is there a possibility that you might reside part time in both Chicago and California? If in Cali, would your preference still be to live on the beach. What do you think of San Diego? Been there and it’s a pretty city and offers so many activities for every taste.

    2. Did you come up with any special plans for your birthday yet?

    3. Jeff and Jordan, any plans while in Cambodia to meet up with Supan, Alex, and Zsolt? Any plans to see any other countries while in Asia?

  15. I have already sent a question but I wanted Jeff to know something mom died in Jan and one night you posted a tweet about THE MAN IN THE ARENA…I really needed that I was having kinda a pity party and I read the line…the credit belongs to the man who actually in the arena who faces marred by dust sweat and blood and strives valiantly that what my mom would have wanted so thank you very much….God Bless you both.

  16. 1. Because they are moving in together (YAY!) does this mean an engagement is near?
    a. If so, how near?

    2. What kind of wedding do they see themselves having? A small or big wedding? Theme?
    a. Where will the wedding take place? Chicago or Charlotte?
    b. Don’t you think it would be a sweet gesture to invite a few fans to your wedding?
    c. Are you going to televise it on CBS?
    * If so, will any Big Brother or Amazing Race people be invited?
    * Will Brenchel be there? Maid of Honor or Best Man?
    d. Where should we send your gifts?

    3. Jeff, when you pick out Jordan’s ring, are you going to bring Jordan with you or keep it a surprise?

    4. Jeff, how are you planning to propose to Jordan?

    5. Jordan, has Grandpa lightened up about the two of you moving in together without a beautiful square cut diamond on your finger, or is he, like all of your fans, so certain it will happen soon it’s not a big deal?
    a. What do your other family members think of this move and pending engagement?

    6. How many children do you want to have?
    a. Boys or girls?
    b. What will you name them?

    7. If you need any help paying for the ring or your wedding or you want a free honeymoon just say so! I would be more than happy!


    All of my Love,

  17. Bob,

    Is it possible that the show can go over an hour? I hope you have done really well with your goal in raising the money for the show. Also, I would like to wish Jordan a Happy Birthday and tell them that I think they are great to their fans.

  18. Jeff and Jordan, are you aware of the support and encouragement that Jeff’s brother Scott along with his family provided on twitter for Jordan prior to comps, after Jeff’s eviction? He would rally the fans before showtime in support of Jordan and the fans would then tweet support for Jordan in response to Scott’s tweets. One time Scott tweeted a picture of him and Ali sitting at a table with a bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses, toasting Jordan’s victory.

    During Jordan’s eviction speech, she mentioned that she hoped her and Jeff’s families were proud of her. Scott tweeted, “Aw Jordan, very proud. Great job!” And of course, the fans then followed suit by tweeting how proud everyone was of Jordan.

    After Jordan’s eviction, Scott tweeted to Allison Grodner that Adam lost “the true angel.”

    Gotta love the Schroeder family!

  19. Jeff, one of the funniest things you did in the house was the chapstick measuring when you and Jordan were alone in the candy room (Jamie put in her video of JeJo banter part 1) so the question is…..what size bed will give you both equal distance from the edge? A Queen, or King size bed?

  20. Did you guys ever figure out where it was when you first said I Love You?

    How did Jeff like doing the 3 Guys in a Booth show?

    Can Jeff please share with us some of the movies, shows or commercials that he’s done?

    Will Jeff be going to LA in December to visit his friends like he does every year?

    Does Jordan ever cook for Jeff when he visits her in Charlotte?

    How bummed was Jordan that she didn’t make it to the Jury House for the second time.

    How hard was it to not even be able to talk after Jeff was evicted?

  21. Have they been in touch with anyone from this season since the show ended? Have they spoken to any of the houseguests from season 11 since this season ended?

  22. Questions.

    Was it a difficult decision to go back into the big brother house?
    Do you think the editing was fair on the BB shows?
    Is it hard to ever be seen as individuals because you guys are a couple?
    Any regrets from Big Brother?
    How was going to the Panther’s game?
    Is Jordan planning on finishing up school?
    Can you talk more about the Cambodia trip?
    Did you guys ever watch ET?
    Favorite memory in the house?

  23. Bob, thanks for having Jeff and Jordan back on your show! Here are a few questions:
    What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?
    Are you glad you went back on BB?
    What did your families think about your second time on BB?

  24. Does Jordan have any Big 25 birthday plans

    When and where are they moving

    Will they be together in same city during Christmas and New Years

  25. Jordan, does Jeff still measure how many chapsticks of room he has from the side of the bed vs. how many you have?
    Also, I adore both of you but I recommend that Jordan does not rub Jeff’s feet unless he reciprocates.
    You two always have funny stories . We would love to hear any that may have happened since the end of BB13.

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