Sherry’s Show (Sh)Recap – 11/20/11

You bet I know Big Brother! He lives in Northern California, plays the guitar, wears plaid shirts, kind of looks like me… oh, wait, wrong Big Brother.

Okay, maybe I’m not hip to the BB, but I was sure charmed by the JJ! Or is it JeJo? Be nice, I’m working on the lingo. If you’re looking for a FN TM, DL the PC HR or KR for some EX SN. (Or just download the podcast here and keep reading for some exclusive silliness.)

What’s the line from the Shytown opening? Oh, I think it’s “And here are your hosts Bob Merrick and Sherry Layne… AND JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER!” (Apologies to anyone who missed the intro [or the entire live broadcast] as we crashed the servers. Seriously, the amount of people trying to listen to our show on Sunday could have sold out one of them sporty footyball arena stadiums!)

Jamie Lynn Sigler, a guest in her own right, was our special in-studio co-host!

Bob welcomes our guest co-host, actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, to the studio. I knew she was going to do a great job co-hosting when she wasn’t scared off by talk of my pinup clown photo shoot. (Sherbet the Clown? More like Sherbet the Centerfold…)

We chitchatted about her playing against type in Ugly Betty, being repeatedly ignored by Lance Bass on his radio show while sitting mere inches from him, and the four–count them–FOUR movies she filmed over the summer. But what Jamie-Lynn really wanted to talk about was Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd.

Bbbbbrring, hey, it was Jeff and Jordan on the phone! (It’s like we had it planned or something!) It was a BFF reunion with Bob and the BB twosome, with stories about their fishing trip and Jordan’s classy vomiting. We discussed Jeff and Jordan’s upcoming move to the LA area, got Jeff to sing us a little Bieber, and learned there’s nothing sexy about a colonic. (But there is something sexy about this…)

Raffle time! Thanks to you–YES YOU–we raised $2,100 to keep our show going. So to thank you–YES YOU AGAIN–we put your name in a fishbowl to win a personal phone call from Jeff and Jordan. Congrats to the winners: Diane Sawyer (No, not that one), Lorna Danckwerth, Sherry Travers, Pam Hendrix, and Maria Dicesere!

Putting the fishbowl aside (Goldie looked like she needed a rest and her water changed anyway), Bob pulled out some fan questions and we got the low down from Jeff and Jordan about what’s next, the origin of the nickname “Love”, updates about Rachel and Brendon, why Jordan hates driving with Jeff, their future Cambodia trip for Build a City, and whether it’s mischievous or misCHEEvious.

Running low on time, we wished Jordan a Happy Birthday with a little Kellie Pickler tune, embarrassed Jamie-Lynn with some “Cry Baby”, found out my Favorite Thing of the Week (Sleep clowning on Modern Family! Check out the episode here!), and learned another way to make the world a better place: say a prayer or whisper a kind wish for someone.

And just for Jeff and his now not-so-secret love of boy bands, we said goodbye with *NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”.

Hey, what were those four movies Jamie-Lynn filmed this summer? They were Jewtopia, Divorce Invitation, Anatomy of the Tide, and I Do. We’ll see you at the cineplexes! (But you won’t see this at the cineplexes…)

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