Chef Michael Voltaggio

March 11, 2012 -Our cool factor skyrockets this Sunday when we welcome Chef Michael Voltaggio. Best known for winning season six of Bravo’s hit show, Top Chef, he will be live in the Global Voice Broadcasting studio to discuss his new restaurants ink. and ink.sack (which GQ magazing just named the #1 new restaurant in the country) and his new cookbook with his brother Bryan Voltaggio, entitled, VOLTink. You won’t want to miss this show as it also marks Bob’s final episode out of the LA studio before his broadcasts move to North Carolina. UPDATE: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

chef michael voltaggio has been in the kitchen since he was 15 years old. By 21, he had completed his formal training at the venerable greenbrier culinary apprenticeship program.  he was immediately hired to work at the ritz carlton in naples where he first immersed himself with what were considered unconventional techniques, under the tutelage of chef arnaud berthelier.  he found that these techniques naturally melded with his classical repertoire, enabling him to cook adventurously with increased precision, eventually informing his signature style. voltaggio would go on to successfully helm the kitchens for a number of esteemed chefs and restaurants, including charlie palmer’s dry creek kitchen in healdsburg where he earned a michelin star and the bazaar by josé Andrés in beverly hills where he was rewarded with a 4-star review.

Click to order VOLTink by Michael and Bryan Voltaggio

voltaggio was a finalist for the james beard “best new restaurant” award in 2009.  that same year, he also earned the title of top chef on bravo tv’s emmy-award-winning show.  he has established a reputation for what critics heralded as “serious” food that is playful, visually stunning and flawlessly executed. he was also named “best new chef” by

angeleno magazine in 2010, cementing a place within the los angeles culinary community. most recently, gq magazine named ink. the “best new restaurant in america” in the march 2012 issue – after just being open for five months.

ink. is chef michael voltaggio’s first signature restaurant. alluding to the idea of permanence, ink. endeavors to create an indelible impression with flavor profiles that are inspired by the myriad of cultures that make up the city of los angeles.  thusly, he describes the food at ink. as “modern los angeles cuisine” and aspires to create an experience that will re-purpose the term “fine dining” for angelenos.  he also recently opened ink.sack, a sandwich shop a few doors down from ink.  the concept is driven by classic flavor profiles that are elevated by premium ingredients and refined techniques. with sandwiches priced and sized to satisfy a palate craving options, ink.sack has established itself as a lunch staple in los angeles.


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