About The Show

Baub BioIn a new media world where everyone’s a critic with a Twitter account or a blog and feels unheard if they aren’t pointing out what’s wrong, The Baub Show focuses on what’s right!
The Baub Show prides itself on celebrating life, pop culture and accentuating the positive! Focusing on the people and the news stories of those who “behave” instead of the traditional media that pays primary attention to those who “misbehave”, host Bob Merrick welcomes human interest stories and varying artists from authors, actors, singers, stand-up comedy, dancers, chefs and even reality stars! The show likes to look back on career highs, accomplishments as well as career inspirations, motivation, self-betterment, empowerment and of course the future. With an informal and conversational format, the show has often been described as, “listening in on a good conversation between friends”.
Whether at your desk or driving the kids to school, listeners are invited to pour a cup of coffee or a bowl of cereal and put on something comfy, ‘cause being cozy is a requirement when you’re listening to, The Baub Show! With a live chat room and listener call-ins, fans not only feel connected, they are part of the show!
Broadcasting weekday mornings from 9 to 11am (PST) on UBNRadio.com, the show is a positive way to start your day!


Host Bob Merrick dove in head first to the Hollywood scene seventeen years ago, working behind the scenes on such films as Wild Wild West, Deep Impact, Cast Away, What Lies Beneath, Three Kings, 13 Going on 30, Rent, Across The Universe and most recently, Iron Man 3 for Marvel Studios. In 2005, he wrote a bi-weekly column called Love Handles for Out.com, chronicling his struggles with body image and finding love as well as celebrity interviews and entertainment features for the magazine.
In addition to cameos in Kathy Griffin’s My Life On The D-List and VH1’s My Fair Brady, Merrick was most excited appearing as a featured dancer in Richard Simmon’s iconic DVD series, Sweatin’ to the Oldies 5. Having formed deep relationships along the way with notable Hollywood personalities, it was only a matter of time until he found the right platform to share his passion for pop culture.
With an authentic and larger than life personality, big heart and open mind, Merrick’s character is a natural fit as a host of The Baub Show on UBN Radio. In addition to his own weekly show, he can often be heard co-hosting Dirty Pop with Lance Bass on SiriusXM.
Originally launched in 2008 as a live video show on LiveVideo.com, The Baub Show was reinvented as an Internet radio show in June of 2009. In October of 2011, inspired by the growth of a loyal and respectable following known as ‘Baubles’, The Baub Show has found a new home at Universal Broadcasting Network and is part of a new media platform that allows listeners to stream the show live anywhere they can access the internet.