Best Of The Week 7

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BestOfWeek 7We made it through another great week! On Monday, Sherry Layne and Eric Shane were in studio to co-host with me as we welcomed comedienne Deven Green. On Tuesday, Jeff Schroeder was back as we welcomed filmmaker Pat Solomon, who came in to discuss his documentary Finding Joe, about the philosophies and teachings of Joseph Campbell. On Wednesday, Cindy Hooker and I welcomed professional organizer and author Regina Lark, who’s new book: Psychic Debris, Crowded Closets, not only changed my perspective about my possessions, but has inspired me to clean out my garage! Later in the show we were joined by actress Courtney Merritt, who can be seen on ABC’s Suburgatory and who received a surprise phone call on the air from her former TV mom from CMT’s Working Class, Melissa Peterman. On Thursday, Jeff and Welcomed actress Shari Belafonte who called in to talk about her current photography exhibit and later in the show, we caught up with Dave Dini for some motivational wisdom to close out our week!

Our Playlist of the Week:

  • Better Life, Keith Urban
  • Ukulele Lady, Bette Midler
  • Look At My Face, Deven Green
  • Heavenly Days, Chely Wright (featuring Rodney Crowell)
  • Something You Can’t Live Without, Wynonna
  • What You Get Is What You See, Tina Turner
  • 3 Foot Tall, Classified
  • Mr. Jones, Counting Crows
  • Born This Way, Little Big Town
  • Ode To Billy Joe, Bobbie Gentry
  • Attitude, Wynonna
  • Grown Man, New Kids On The Block (featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
  • Still The One, Orleans
  • Botch-A-Me, Still The One, Rosemary Clooney
  • Hey Deanie, Shaun Cassidy
  • Wings, Little Mix

Click Here to listen to The Best Of The Week 7

Our 3rd Week!

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As I was writing the title of this blog post, I thought, “I wonder how many weeks I can write Our XX week before it gets too weird?” Like won’t it be weird years from now writing, “our 156th week”? Which then got me thinking about how funny it was when we were babies and we were 12 weeks then 16 weeks old and how if we kept that up, I would tell people I am 2,102 weeks old! It just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Suffice to say, I guess that won’t always be the title of these recaps, but it certainly works while my show is still a baby!

Cindy Hooker and Lizza Morales in the studio discussing Oscars.

Cindy Hooker and Lizza Morales in the studio discussing Oscars.

This week was so good that I honestly don’t know if I should keep going or just quit while I am ahead! (Don’t worry, nothing is going to stop this train right now). I still loved this week in spite of the fact that I started Monday’s show with the following sentence, “Well, my worst nightmare has come true!” It turns out the studio is TOO close to the Oscars and my co-host, Cindy Hooker, my guest Lizza Morales and myself were all incredibly late to the show. I managed to start the show on time, but it was a good 15 minutes until I had any company in the studio. It all worked out though and we had more fun recapping the Oscars than we had watching them!

Singer Graham Colton joining us in the studio.

Singer Graham Colton joining us in the studio.

On Tuesday, my co-host Jeff and I discussed part two about how to write out your goals and the importance of forgiving the year before to make room for the year ahead. We also welcomed singer/songrwriter Graham Colton to the studio who discussed the ever changing landscape of the music industry as well as making his new album with the help of fans and Kickstarter. We also discussed this fantastic article by Teresa Porter called So You’re Feeling Too Fat To Be Photographed. It hit a lot of nerves and I consider it a must read!

Geri Jewell and Drew Pokorny

Geri Jewell and Drew Pokorny

On Wednesday, my friend Drew Pokorny from Dirty Pop with Lance Bass, joined me in the studio as my co-host to help me welcome my guests, Tom Adler and Geri Jewell. Tom is an entrepreneur who has created the Gay Yellow Book, a phone directory and bible of sorts for the gay community. The guide is full of businesses that are gay friendly and supportive, but also includes travel destinations, articles and even recipes. Then we

With Tom Adler

With Tom Adler

were joined in the studio by, what I have now declared, my favorite interview I have ever done, with Geri Jewell. Geri is most affectionately remembered as Cousin Geri from The Facts of Life, but she was in to discuss her new audio book of her memoir, “I’m Walking As Straight As I Can“. For someone who has been met with severe challenges since the moment she was born, she radiates a light and beauty that reminds you that life really is all that you make of it.

Thursday we were joined in the studio by Tim Guinee, who can currently be seen in NBC’s  Revolution, but look up his film credits and you will realize that you have seen him in just about everything. He shared some great life practices with us, including the fact that he goes for a walk every morning and finds at least one new thing to appreciate and love. He’s walking the walk. Later in the show, the iconic Didi Conn, who is belovedly remembered as Frenchie from Grease, called in to discuss the play she is starring in Los Angeles called A Heap Of Livin’. Talking to her really was a pinch me moment!

Tim Guinee and Jeff Schroeder

Tim Guinee and Jeff Schroeder

And that was our week in a nutshell. You can listen to clips from all of these shows in our Best Of The Week or the full shows in their entirety by clicking on this link.

Our Playlist of the Week:

  • Skyfall – Adele
  • Sitting On Top Of The World – Delta Goodrem
  • Shark In The Water – VV Brown
  • When I Was Your Man – Bruno Mars
  • 1981 – Graham Colton
  • Dance My Pain Away – Wye Oak
  • Love You Like A Love Song – Selena Gomez
  • White Nights – Oh Land
  • Facts – The Lampshades
  • Let It Go – Zac Brown Band
  • Big, Blonde and Beautiful – Queen Latifah
  • Revolution (LOVE Version) – The Beatles
  • Watching Him Watch You – Eric Hutchinson
  • Grease Megamix – John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and Didi Conn

Such a great week! Thank you to all who tuned in, downloaded, chatted, subscribed, shared, rated and overall made me feel swell!

See you on Monday!

Big, Blonde and Beautiful Bob

Dan Gheesling

April 1, 2012 -Join us as author, coach and winner of CBS’s Big Brother, Dan Gheesling, joins us live to talk about his new eBook, How To Get On Reality TV as well as his motivational blog, I Would Coach. If you have ever thought about auditioning for your favorite show but didn’t know what to expect or where to begin, this show is for you. Of course, if you are simply a fan of Big Brother, then you definitely won’t want to miss out!

Sherry’s Show (Sh)Recap – 11/20/11

You bet I know Big Brother! He lives in Northern California, plays the guitar, wears plaid shirts, kind of looks like me… oh, wait, wrong Big Brother.

Okay, maybe I’m not hip to the BB, but I was sure charmed by the JJ! Or is it JeJo? Be nice, I’m working on the lingo. If you’re looking for a FN TM, DL the PC HR or KR for some EX SN. (Or just download the podcast here and keep reading for some exclusive silliness.)
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3 Js: Jeff, Jordan and Jamie – The archive

There just wasn’t enough preparation in the world for the amount of love that Jeff and Jordan’s fans brought to the show last night. The onslaught of support was so high, that the fans not only crashed the server, but it took over 5 hours to get it back up! My apologies to all of you who tried to listen to it live, but weren’t able to get on. I have compiled 3 easy links to make it (hopefully) as easy as possible to be able to listen to the archive of the show one way or another.

Thank you, as always, for listening and supporting our show!

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Big Brother’s Jeff & Jordan

November 20, 2011 – It’s our Thanksgiving episode and to thank so many of you for giving so generously to our show, we will be celebrating the holiday and the hour with show favorites Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd from CBS’s Big Brother. Click here for details on how you can support the show and win a private phone call from Jeff and Jordan. We will also be taking questions from you, so please leave your comments in the post for this blog and then tune in to the live broadcast this Sunday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST at to hear if yours gets answered.

UPDATE: Joining us in the studio as a guest co-host is Broadway and Soprano star, Jamie Lynn Sigler!

Win a call from Jeff and Jordan

As you know, I have been very open about needing to raise $5,000 to help pay for our show’s new expenses. So in an attempt to make it worth your while, instead of just a flat donation (which is of course ALWAYS welcome), we have decided to make a little raffle. Big Brother and Amazing Race favorites Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd will be calling in to The Baub Show on Sunday November 20th for the full hour and have graciously trusted me to connect them with a few of their fans! During that time, we will be pulling 5 names out of a bowl and calling 5 lucky winners (one at a time) who will have the opportunity to say hi, express love or ask a question directly to Jeff and Jordan. updated: Jeff has decided to up the ante and is throwing in 5 autographs from the couple as well. DOUBLE UPDATE: because many of you have expressed interest, but don’t feel comfortable saying hi on the show, the winners will be drawn live on the air and the calls will be scheduled for a later time in private.


Want to be entered for the raffle? Easy! For every $5 you donate to the show, your name will be entered one time (meaning if you donate $5, your name will be entered once and if you donate $50, your name will be entered 10 times).

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