Our first week!

Click here to listen: The Baub Show: Best of the week 1

Blu Sanders was our first guest this week!

We did it! And I couldn’t have done it without all of you who tuned in, listened, tweeted me during and after the show, logged into the chat room and participated during the show! It has been so many months since I was last on the air, I wasn’t sure if anyone would still be around to listen! So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Our first show had my friend Eric Johnson co-hosting while singer-songwriter and photographer, Blu Sanders joined us as our first guest! We talked Grammys, songwriting and following our dreams. Thanks to you all tuning in, you are allowing me to live mine! Everything was going so well until the last 5 minutes when we lost power, to the whole studio! Continue reading


Sherry’s Show (Sh)Recap – 11/13/11

Whether you’re a food virtuoso or a food microwave-oso (you should see me heat up a plate of taquitos), you’ll love the latest Baub Show podcast (which you can listen to by clicking here)!

Chef Ludo and his wife Krissy joined us live in the studio.

Puns, pictures, and plenty more to give you a taste of what you missed…
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