The Cast Of The Gallery

2449webI am excited to announce that the cast (Joseph Reitman, Najee De-Tiege,Jay Renshaw,
Elke The Stallion, Jodi Taffel) of the brand new web series, The Gallery will be stopping by our studio on May 3rd to discuss their upcoming season!


About The Gallery:

Set in the powerful international world of the visual arts.  An ongoing drama about what happens when love becomes vendetta and desire is obsessive. Where there is murder there is love. Families collide and money corrupts. Downtown Los Angeles shines like a jewel in this ever-growing city. Those that shape this city are all hiding something and battling demons. With all their children and only one life that each has to live, there is nothing general about this tale.


How to tune into the show

Good morning Baubles!
Thank you for the support and for wanting to tune in this morning!
There’s nothing to sign up for yet (I won’t have my iTunes link for a few more days).
*To listen live: go to (right now it has to be on your computer, as they haven’t finished building the mobile site).
*On the main page, there are two players on the left column.
*The top is Channel 1 where I will be. As it gets closer to my show (9am) the image will turn to my show logo.
*You can click on this box to play (there is always music playing) at anytime. *There is also a chat room you can sign in to chat during the show.
I’m going for a soft launch this week to get my feet wet again and get back in the saddle. I have no idea what to expect, but know that I appreciate all if you taking the time tune in for 5 minutes or the entire show!