Our 2nd Week!

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Eric Shane, Mike Pingel, Alexander Rodriguez and Ben Viele

Happy 2nd week everyone!

Things were loud and gay on Monday when we welcomed author and the one of Charlie’s lost angels, Mike Pingel who was in the studio to talk about his new book, Betty White Rules The World. Also in the studio were hosts Alexander Rodriguez and Ben Viele who host a show on UBN Radio on Tuesday nights at 6pm called Happy Hour with Ben and Alexander. It was a happy two hours indeed as they brought mimosas for my co-host Eric Shane and myself! Continue reading

My Top Ten

Global Voice Broadcasting, home of The Baub Show with Bob and Sherry, has a brand new show called My Top Ten. It is a weekly show that features a different host sharing ten songs that colored their lives. I was thrilled to host the second show and share ten of my all time favorite songs and the reasons behind them. Click here to listen.

You can also listen to my published Spotify playlist here.