Week 5 Playlist and Recap

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Pictured from left to right : Top: Frances and Angela (Frangela), Ange Takats, Ronnie Kroell and Cindy Hooker; Middle: Frangela, Jordan Lloyd, me, Jennifer Elise Cox and Jeff Schroeder, Jennifer Elise Cox; Bottom: Ronnie Kroell, Frangela and Dennis Hensley

Pictured from left to right : Top: Frances and Angela (Frangela), Ange Takats, Ronnie Kroell and Cindy Hooker; Middle: Frangela, Jordan Lloyd, me, Jennifer Elise Cox and Jeff Schroeder, Jennifer Elise Cox; Bottom: Ronnie Kroell, Frangela and Dennis Hensley

We’ve breezed right past our first month! How did that happen? Our guests Angela Shelton and Frances Callier, affectionately known as Frangela, had my co-host Dennis Hensley and I laughing so hard we could barely breathe as they took us through the process of their hit podcast, Idiot of the Week. While the conversation is NSFW or appropriate around children, it was very educational about where NOT to try and poison your spouse!

On Tuesday’s show, we welcomed the lovely and funny Jennifer Elise Cox, most famously known as Jan Brady from the Brady Bunch movies and currently starring on Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow. Once again, the laughter was deafening as co-hosts Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd shared their favorite videos on YouTube, including Kanye West’s rants and Stone Cold E.T.’s drive-thru insanity! You also won’t want to miss our hilarious Top Ten Songs Of All Time lists, featuring vocals by Jordan Lloyd!

On Wednesday we welcomed the breakout star from Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel and actor-turned-activist, Ronnie Kroell who was in discussing FriendMovement.com, a film and campaign he is producing with Elliott London that addresses the bullying epidemic that is taking place in our schools. With my co-host Cindy Hooker, we shared our own experiences with being bullied and reiterated to our young listeners, it does indeed, get better.

On Thursday, we debuted a brand new voice from Australia. Songbird Ange Takats called in from Down Under to discuss her new album Arva and her travel memoir The Buffalo Funeral – Soundbites from a Songbird in Siam, where she shares her adventures as a young white woman living alone in Asia – from being confronted with heroin addicts in Hanoi – to having her breasts massaged with Tiger Balm while filming a story about Thai boob jobs. I will wait while you run and purchase the album on iTunes! 

Also not to miss in this episode, was the following clip from Ash Beckham at Ignite Boulder. Not only is this an exceptional speech, it sparked a valuable conversation between co-host Jeff Schroeder and myself.

Our Playlist of the Week:

  • Stupid Girls – P!nk
  • My Stupid Mouth – John Mayer
  • I Like ‘Em Big and Stupid – Julie Brown
  • American Idiot – Green Day
  • You Sexy Thing – Deee-Lite
  • Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore
  • Best Days Of Our Life – Kellie Pickler
  • Come Along – Vicci Martinez & Cee-Lo Green
  • Time To Change – The Brady Bunch
  • Without You – Natalie Maines
  • Amazing – Josh Kelley
  • Home -Marc Broussard
  • Empty Words – Christina Aguilera
  • Infatuation – Ange Takats
  • Fine and Dandy – Ange Takats
  • Shut Up and Let Me Go – The Ting Tings

And that concludes another week! See you next week when we welcome Kourtney and Lianna from UBN’s Libations and Relations, Luciano Costa from SoCalSocialClub, author and bloggess extraordinaire Jenny Lawson, Dirty Pop with Lance Bass’s Drew Pokorny, advocate Ash Beckham and Hart of Dixie’s Carla Renata!

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Our first week!

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Blu Sanders was our first guest this week!

We did it! And I couldn’t have done it without all of you who tuned in, listened, tweeted me during and after the show, logged into the chat room and participated during the show! It has been so many months since I was last on the air, I wasn’t sure if anyone would still be around to listen! So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Our first show had my friend Eric Johnson co-hosting while singer-songwriter and photographer, Blu Sanders joined us as our first guest! We talked Grammys, songwriting and following our dreams. Thanks to you all tuning in, you are allowing me to live mine! Everything was going so well until the last 5 minutes when we lost power, to the whole studio! Continue reading

Sherry’s Show (Sh)Recap – 11/20/11

You bet I know Big Brother! He lives in Northern California, plays the guitar, wears plaid shirts, kind of looks like me… oh, wait, wrong Big Brother.

Okay, maybe I’m not hip to the BB, but I was sure charmed by the JJ! Or is it JeJo? Be nice, I’m working on the lingo. If you’re looking for a FN TM, DL the PC HR or KR for some EX SN. (Or just download the podcast here and keep reading for some exclusive silliness.)
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3 Js: Jeff, Jordan and Jamie – The archive

There just wasn’t enough preparation in the world for the amount of love that Jeff and Jordan’s fans brought to the show last night. The onslaught of support was so high, that the fans not only crashed the server, but it took over 5 hours to get it back up! My apologies to all of you who tried to listen to it live, but weren’t able to get on. I have compiled 3 easy links to make it (hopefully) as easy as possible to be able to listen to the archive of the show one way or another.

Thank you, as always, for listening and supporting our show!

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Big Brother’s Jeff & Jordan

November 20, 2011 – It’s our Thanksgiving episode and to thank so many of you for giving so generously to our show, we will be celebrating the holiday and the hour with show favorites Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd from CBS’s Big Brother. Click here for details on how you can support the show and win a private phone call from Jeff and Jordan. We will also be taking questions from you, so please leave your comments in the post for this blog and then tune in to the live broadcast this Sunday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST at GVBRadio.com to hear if yours gets answered.

UPDATE: Joining us in the studio as a guest co-host is Broadway and Soprano star, Jamie Lynn Sigler!

Win a call from Jeff and Jordan

As you know, I have been very open about needing to raise $5,000 to help pay for our show’s new expenses. So in an attempt to make it worth your while, instead of just a flat donation (which is of course ALWAYS welcome), we have decided to make a little raffle. Big Brother and Amazing Race favorites Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd will be calling in to The Baub Show on Sunday November 20th for the full hour and have graciously trusted me to connect them with a few of their fans! During that time, we will be pulling 5 names out of a bowl and calling 5 lucky winners (one at a time) who will have the opportunity to say hi, express love or ask a question directly to Jeff and Jordan. updated: Jeff has decided to up the ante and is throwing in 5 autographs from the couple as well. DOUBLE UPDATE: because many of you have expressed interest, but don’t feel comfortable saying hi on the show, the winners will be drawn live on the air and the calls will be scheduled for a later time in private.


Want to be entered for the raffle? Easy! For every $5 you donate to the show, your name will be entered one time (meaning if you donate $5, your name will be entered once and if you donate $50, your name will be entered 10 times).

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Big Brother & Amazing Race Love Birds, Jeff and Jordan

May 16, 2011- They’re our most popular guests and quite honestly some of our favorite! Join us live tonight as we catch up with Big Brother and The Amazing Race’s sweethearts Jeff and Jordan. Returning as co-host this evening is Mandy Sherman!